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Dear Students, Parents and Guardians:

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year. I am excited that you are joining us as we embark on an exciting year of teaching and learning at Saugerties Senior High. To the Class of 2026, welcome to our Senior High Family. I look forward to seeing your academic and personal growth over the next four years.

We will continue to provide students with opportunities to address academic deficiencies, to make up for missing credit, to be college or work force prepared, and to have the opportunity to participate in advanced academic classes. We will continue to implement initiatives to promote teaching and learning, and to engage all our stakeholders in the process of educating our students. We look forward to partnering with our stakeholders in this effort which will positively impact student performance in every content area, and in their overall academic growth and development. 

Last year we shifted to a Support Team/Cohort approach to better help meet the needs of our students. Each Grade level (Cohort) will be assigned a team of Staff that will work with students to provide support for academics, social-emotional, and behavioral needs. This shift has already yielded a great improvement in graduation rates. We have had some changes to our counseling staff. Below is contact information for some of these team members. 

The Senior High Assistant Principals are as follows:
Mr. Lee Molyneaux, Grade 9        
Secretary - Stella Jurofcik            
(845) 247-6500, Ext. 2702            

Mr. Raul Rodriguez, Grades 10 - 12
Secretary - Mrs. Joan Jensen
(845) 247-6651, Ext. 1702

Senior High Counseling Center (845)247-6651, Ext. 1800

Grade 9    Mrs. Heilmann, Ext. 1804
Grade 10     Mrs. Madden, Ext. 1805
Grade 11     Mr. Thomann, Ext. 1806 
Grade 12     Dr. Catalano, Ext. 1803
Grade 9 & ENL Students   Ms. Stropoli, Ext. 1809

AM and PM Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up:  Due to the large number of parents/guardians dropping off students, this causes a long drop-off line. If you drop your student off in the morning, please remember that they must be in classes by 7:45am. Please plan accordingly to allow your child enough time to get to their first period class.  When picking up your child in the afternoon, you must park in the parking lot to the right at the end of the drive-in.  Your child will meet you at that location.  Please consider using bus transportation.  

A few important reminders for the upcoming year:

  • The dress code will be enforced; for example: No hats and/or headgear will be allowed to be worn in the building. We will review these expectations, along with others, with students at the start of the year.
  • School supply lists are not provided for students in grade 9 - 12.  The teachers will let you know what specific supplies are needed when students return.
  • Lockers will be assigned to every student.  This information will be provided on the first day of school.

I look forward to building relationships with all stakeholders throughout this year and encourage you to become active members of the PTSA. You can become a member here.  

Sincerely Yours, 

Tim Reid

Tim Reid headshot

Tim Reid
(845) 247-6651

Secretary to the Principal
(845)247-6651 Ext. 1701

Photo outside the HS