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January 12, 2024

Dear Saugerties Community Members,

I wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude and thanks for the warm welcome and outpouring of well wishes I have received since rejoining the Saugerties community.

From the moment I began working here as a teacher back in 2013, I have been impressed by the dedication and passion that can be found at Saugerties High School. The warmth and inclusiveness that characterizes Saugerties have made my professional journey back here as principal truly fulfilling.

I am thankful for the support I have received from both colleagues and community members. From what I experienced before as a teacher and from what I see now, the work in our school shows a strong collaborative effort. Through these united efforts, we ensure that students receive an excellent education and a supportive environment for their growth.

Another aspect that makes Saugerties truly exceptional is the active involvement of parents and the broader community in the educational process. Your engagement in the learning journey of our students is not only welcomed, but is also a crucial element in ensuring their success. The partnership between educators, parents, and the community at large plays a pivotal role in shaping well-rounded individuals and fostering an environment where every student can reach their full potential.

As we move forward, let us continue to build upon our strengths. Together, we can create an even more vibrant and nurturing environment for our students to learn, grow, and succeed.

Thank you for making me feel not only welcome, but also at home. I am truly humbled and appreciative of the opportunity to come back to Saugerties.

With sincere gratitude,

Tom Martelli

ThomasMartelli headshot

Tom martelli,
Grades 9-12
(845) 247-6651

Secretary to the Principal
(845)247-6651 Ext. 1701

Assistant Principal Pipitone

Patricia Pipitone,
assistant Principal
Grades 10-12
(845) 247-6651

Secretary to the Assistant Principal
(845)247-6651 Ext. 1702

Chelsea Defino Assistant Principal

Grades 7-9

Photo outside the HS