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Drop-Off and Pick-Up Process

Please review this important information about the process for dropping students off or picking students up to ensure a safe and smooth experience.  

Parent Drop Off: 7:30-7:40 am


If you are Dropping off your child:

  • Please enter from Washington Avenue
  • Do not enter Staff/Senior Parking area
  • Stay in right lane 
  • Pull up along the sidewalk outside Auditorium and have students exit from right side of vehicle
  • Only exit to sidewalk side

Dismissal: begins at 2:18 PM


If you are picking up students at dismissal:

  • After entering school property proceed to the back student lot to the right of the main driveway.(See picture)
  • Once entering the back parking lot, take an empty spot and wait for student dismissal. It is suggested to back into a spot for quick and safe departure.
  • Students will walk down the sidewalk and arrive at your car.  Carefully pull out of the parking lot and be mindful of students still exiting the building.  
  • You will proceed to the main drive and exit the property. Please only use the Main drive exit. At all times, remain on the roadway, do not drive through the front parking lot to avoid traffic.

Additional Information:  

  • Junior High students will walk around the building to the back doors near the greenhouse to enter the building.
  • Students with first period in 100/200 will enter at CVP door.
  • Students arriving on small buses will enter at brown auditorium doors.
  • All other Senior High students will enter Blue Doors