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Saugerties High School Profile

2023-2024 Enrollment as of BEDS Day 2023:

Grade 9 189
Grade 10 202
Grade 11 217
Grade 12 160


23-24 SHS Profile

First page of the PDF file: SaugertiesSrHighSchoolProfile

Class of 2023

* Optional college credit/AP

R+ = Regents Level (College Preparatory)

Saugerties High School 
310 Washington Avenue Ext. 
Saugerties, NY 12477 

CEEB CODE: 335-055 

Tom Martelli
Assistant Principals: 
Mrs. Patricia Pipitone (Gr 10-12)
Ms. Chelsea Defino (Gr 7-9)
Ms. Jamie Heilmann (Chair) 
Dr. Michael Catalano 
Ms. Eileen Madden 
Mr. Seth Thomann 
Ms. Cara Stropoli (ENL)

Interpreting the Academic Record